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So.. Awhile back my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had to have a single mastectomy. After that, the doctors thought she'd be ok and not have to have chemo.. but they were wrong, and her cancer has progressed. So, now she has stage 3 cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy.

This weekend her local friends and family are throwing a benefit dinner for her... I can't be there, as it's 300 miles away and i am standing in a friend's wedding on Saturday... but I want to do something to help. So, for the rest of the year, all the proceeds from my Etsy shop will go towards helping my sister battle her breast cancer. She keeps up a happy, brave face, but i know things are scary and painful for her. I will be trying to find the spoons and space and time to make new art to put in the shop as soon as possible...

If you'd be so kind as to share the link with any you think might be interested in my work, please do. Thank you.
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Hi all. I have debated and struggled with the decision for some time, but I have finally decided to offer for sale one of my favorite recent paintings, Axis Mundi. Things are tight financially, so I am trying to add more art to my Etsy store. Prints and ACEO's are forthcoming, as well.
I would really like to be able to learn how to be somewhat successful creating art, and bringing in a little bit of income from it. As it stands, I'm looking for a second job to try to make ends meet, and trying to get some art up for sale in the meantime. I am considering offering commissions for the first time, too. I have never been able to before due to insecurity, but perhaps now I will be able to offer them... I can at least see if anyone is interested.

Here's my shop.. there are some originals, some giclee prints, and a couple ACEO's up for sale there at the moment. New things coming soon.

Any good mojo, link-backs, or prayers are most appreciated.

Please, no mean-hearted or discouraging comments.. things are difficult enough at the moment. Thanks. <3
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Wow, LJ is really wonky for me right now. Don't know if this will post or not.

So, for you artist-types out there, and/or anyone who might have a clue...

Who do you use or recommend to get prints made of your art? I am considering getting some prints made.. and i'd like information for getting low-cost but still good quality options, and also for fine art giclee's.

I don't even know where to begin in hunting for that kind of printer, locally. Nearly every place i've found so far is equivalent to a Kinko's, or does offset printing, not giclees, and i don't know if that's remotely feasible for what i want done. I guess i could make a hundred phone calls and ask 'do you do giclee prints?' over and over, but my anxiety hates the telephone right now.

Anyway, any ideas are appreciated. :)


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